Creating an immersive web experience for a new brand.

ZoomInfo Engage is a product of ZoomInfo that helps sales teams better connect with prospects. When I was brought on as the designer for this project, all that was given to me was a logo. Working with the product team, I created a new brand for Engage and subsequently designed and developed the marketing website within WordPress.

Launch Website

Something out of...something?

ZoomInfo Engage is a product of our main brand, ZoomInfo. The challenge here was making sure it felt unique enough to live on it’s own, but still be identifiable as a ZoomInfo company.



The character illustrations were originally created for ZoomInfo and I recolored them and built upon the scenes to make them ownable by Engage.


Bringing it to life.

Engage was built as a completely custom theme within Wordpress. It included 11 unique templates and had a fully editable CMS.


Responsive Design

I developed Engage to be totally responsive no matter what size screen it’s viewed on.


Lessons learned


It's a unique challenge creating a brand within a brand. Having to stay within the confines of the existing brand, while being able to develop a unique style was difficult, and fun. I learned it's about balancing new and existing. New colors, with existing type styles. New product illustrations, with existing characters.